Find the Agents to escape

You are an important asset for the country and you are under threat. Agents from the Intelligence agency have come to help you escape from a party where the bad guys are waiting for you. The challenge you face is that everyone at the party is wearing a mask. To be safe, all you have to do is find the agents and they will take you to a safehouse. All agents have a remarkable beard, a thick moustache and an amazing hairstyle so it won’t be difficult for you to find them.

Play this simple yet interesting challenge to win discount coupons from one of your favourite brands. All you have to do to fulfill the challenge is to find 4 pictures of the agents that are hidden behind 9 masks. Read the rules below and challenge yourself.

1. There are 4 images of a bearded man (agents) hidden behind 9 masks. You have to Tap on the Masks to find the agents.
2. You have 3 attempts to win the game.
3. In each attempt, you get to tap 7 times to reveal all 4 images of the bearded agents. Tap at the right places to get exciting discount coupons.

Lastly, there are no losers in this game. Just in case you are not able to win, you still get something to cheer about. You can even continue to test your luck even after winning the discount coupon.

Play the challenge

Disclaimer: We have tried our best to bring to you the best discount coupons available at a given point in time. The brands have the prerogative to change the deals against these coupons, including stopping all offers, at any time at their sole discretion. Madzene, owners of Madzene and any of the affiliates, clients or associates of Madzene cannot be held responsible for the validity, performance or non-performance of the coupons provided via this challenge.