Most expensive dishes from around the world

There are so many cuisines out there and it’s every foodie’s dream is to try out all of them. The phrase “having an expensive taste” might actually be true for some foodies who can’t resist the temptation to try out everything. Those who love to treat their tastebuds are even ready to travel around the world to taste authentic cuisines. However, some dishes might cost a lot more than one can imagine because of the unique ingredients added to them. Have a look at these most expensive dishes from around the world.

We have street food that’s inexpensive but every bit as tasty as the most expensive food that you may eat. And then, we have dishes that may cost more than the average US citizen’s annual salary. So if it isn’t the taste, then what makes these foods so expensive? The answer is – the experience. The ingredients, ambiance, presentation, reputation of the restaurant and the chef; all contribute to a wholesome experience that the rich can brag about. The value of these foods is as much in the status symbol as is in the unique taste they offer.

Alas, they are so expensive that I don’t think I can try them, but here’s the list for you to decide if you want to try these out.

#1 Chocolate Pudding at Lindeth Howe Country House – $35,000

Most expensive dishes from around the world Chocolate Pudding at Lindeth Howe Country House
source: justforsybarites

The Lindeth Howe Country House is one of the most crowded and picturesque destination spots in London. The place is not only famous for its beauty but is also renowned for the dishes made by Executive Chef Marc Guilbert. The rustic restaurant offers many tasty dishes but the only dish that can win everyone’s heart is the Chocolate Pudding.

The pudding has four different highest quality Belgium chocolates which are in a shape to form a Faberge egg. Topped with edible gold and heavenly champagne jelly the dish sounds, looks, and tastes amazing. You will have to order the dish two weeks in advance to enjoy it. I guess those 2 weeks are to give you enough time to prepare your tastebuds for the costliest dish on the planet.

#2 Grand Velas Tacos – $25,000

Most expensive dishes from around the world Grand Velas Tacos
source: cnbc

One of the most expensive dishes in the world is the Grand Velas Tacos. It is made with Kobe Beef – beef from the Tajima strain of Japanese Black cattle – one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. The other ingredients include Almas Beluga Caviar & Black Truffle Brie Cheese. The dish is a gold flake-infused corn tortilla and you have to fly to Mexico if you want to try it.

The taco comes with salsa and you can eat it only in the restaurant of Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort’s Frida. It costs up to US$ 25,000. Add to it another few thousand towards the cost of travel to Mexico.

#3 Golden Phoenix Cupcake – $18,713

Most expensive dishes from around the world Golden Phoenix Cupcake
source: luxatic

Dubai is a paradise of taste as almost all traditional and modern cuisines merge so beautifully in this city. The fantastic cuisines of Dubai have an amazing offering for you to try – Golden Phoenix Cupcake. The Bloomsbury Café creates this famous dish in the Dubai mall. As enticing as the cake looks, it is one of the most luxurious food items found across the globe.

The pastry is also famous as the most expensive pastries made to date. It has high-quality Italian chocolate coating and has 23-karat edible gold sheets making it look more majestic. I wonder if my body will retain the gold worth $18,713 or will it all be flushed out the next morning, just like the awesomely delicious street food I enjoyed for $5 last night.

#4  Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence Dessert – $14,500

Most expensive dishes from around the world Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence Dessert
source: gobankingrates

The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence dessert consists of pure gold leaf Italian cassata. The dessert consists of premium quality fruit-infused Irish cream with a fruit compote. Compote is a fruit sauce made with pieces of fresh fruit and sugar. It mainly includes a Dom Perignon champagne sabayon and above the layer is the local stilt fisherman made of pure savory chocolate.

Along with the rich dish, an 80-carat Aquamarine gemstone also comes with it which makes the entire dessert look more royal. You can try the dessert only at DUO restaurant in Sri Lanka and would have to pre-place the order at least a day before to enjoy it.

#5 Fleurburger 5000 – $5000

Most expensive dishes from around the world Fleurburger 5000
source: alux

FleurBurger 5000 is exclusively created in Fleur by Hubert Keller located in Las Vegas. Noted as the most expensive burger made to date in the entire world, the burger is one of the most mouth-watering dishes featured by the restaurant. Not surprisingly, it comes with a price tag that is 100,000% costlier than a Big Mac.

The chef makes the dish with Wagyu beef, from Japan, and the unique combination of spices with the juicy meat is totally extraordinary. This yummy burger goes well with the bottle of 1995 Petrus and many people travel from around the globe just to try the dish.

#6 Margo’s Malta White Truffle and Gold Pizza – $2,420

Most expensive dishes from around the world Margo's Malta White Truffle and Gold Pizza
source: globalbullionsupliers

The palatable white truffle and gold pizza served exclusively at Margo’s Malta is one of the most cherished dishes in the world. Although it is very expensive, it is very famous too and as it is only available during the truffle season. You can try the pizza only between October to May every year. The seasonality of the dish makes it all the more special.

This beautiful-looking pizza is first wood baked with fontina cheese, pancetta, cep mushrooms, freshly gathered wild lettuce, onion puree, baby mozzarella on a thin crust. It is then topped with 24-carrot gold leaf and buffalo mozzarella. Malta was ruled by Romans for centuries, no wonder that this pizza reminds me of the Golden age of the Romans somehow.

#7 Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata – $2,000

Most expensive dishes from around the world Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata
source: luxuo

The yellow-black dish is one of the most exotic cuisines found in New York. The spectacular dish of Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata is only available at Norma’s. It comes along with a pack of 10 Oz of Sevruga Caviar, flavorful cream, eggs of a whole fresh lobster. This breakfast dish is one of the most expensive omelets in the world.

That’s all for now folks! We hope you liked these super expensive foods. You gotta have a lot more than just an appetite to order these pricey foods and a really fat bank balance to digest them. Comment to let us know which one of these do you fancy having someday. Don’t forget to check out our Trivia Section for more such interesting articles.

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