Most foul-mouthed actors from Hollywood

It is no surprise that actors use foul phrases as they get in the skin of their characters. But some actors outweigh others when it comes to swearing. These foul-mouthed actors either make us laugh or leave us entirely shaken. Some of these actors are the kings of Hollywood for swearing, these ranks are given by the number of swears said on screen. Have a look at their incredible career record of swearing.

1. Jonah Hill (376 swears)

Source: Britannica

On the top of the chart is Jonah Hill who has worked in movies like Superbad and The Wolf of Wall Street. Jonah gave an amazing performance alongside DiCaprio. A movie that has the most swear words than any Hollywood film yet. The movie had 715 curses in a 180-minute movie. Hill’s character had cursed 376 times in total throughout the movie, which makes it 22.9 times per 1,000 words spoken.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio (361 swears)

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

DiCaprio has a long career and over the years we have seen him utter a few swear words. From the movie Basketball Diaries all the way to Django Unchained, DiCaprio has evolved, evolved into using more curse words. The Wolf of Wall Street had a huge amount of swear words coming out of his mouth.

3. Samuel L. Jackson (301 swears)

Source: Britannica

He’s an amazing actor as his acting seems so flawless and profound. Samuel L. Jackson had a great practice with cuss words in Pulp Fiction, but that was just the beginning. We can see his progress in the number of offensive lines he delivered playing his characters in Django Unchained and The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

4. Adam Sandler (295 swears)

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Sandler is one of the natural talents in Hollywood, someone who imbibes the character so much that you forget you are watching an act. One of his great movies is Uncut Gems, a dark yet thrilling movie. Sandler delivered an outrageous performance in the movie. Uncut Gems is the second-ranked movie in Hollywood in terms of having the most swear words, i.e. 646 swears in total. 

5. Al Pacino (255 swears)

Source: IMDB

No one can play the role of a gangsta better than Al Pacino. His performances in Scarface and The Godfather are benchmarks for a badass protagonist. Pacino has recently made a comeback on TV with The Irishman, in which he stars alongside Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

6. Denzel Washington (183 swears)

Source: Consequences of Sound 

Something to be noted is that he has profanity and charisma. He has always managed to deliver lines that normally people would quiver just saying, his smile is something to die for as well, which makes him a Hollywood favorite. I’d say he’s the most sophisticated actor when it comes to swearing in style.

7. Billy Bob Thornton (145 swears)

Source: The Saturday evening post

The movie Bad Santa was hilarious, yet Billy Bob was seen as one of the most foul-mouthed actors of all time in the movie. The man had always delivered it with comic timing and hilarious charm.

8. Seth Rogen (143 swears)

Source: The cut

Rogen is famous for his laugh as well as for the portrayal of foul-mouthed characters in movies. He was recently seen in the movie The Long Shot with Charlize Theron. What’s insteresting in his case is that by the looks, he doesn’t come across as a guy who would be swearing all the time.

9. Bradley Cooper (142 swears)

Source: Insider

Why is he on the list? He is, indeed, a surprise entry to this list. Cooper had worked in movies like Wedding Crashers and The Hangover. Which required a lot of swearing, hence, the 9th rank here. He has now become an Oscar-winning director.

10. Danny McBride (136 swears)

Source: IMDB

People loved him in Hot Rod and Danny McBride has only gone on to achieve even greater success from there. His character, along with his co-star Walton Goggins, in Vice Principals is known for spitting out a foul word or two from his mouth every 2 minutes. He played Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down, who was an equally profane character.

Whether they swear or not, they sure can act which. Hence the saying, put your money where your mouth is, they sure make most of it. Which of these actors were you shocked to see in this list? Which actors have we missed? Do let us know in the comments below.

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